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A barista?

How hard could that be? Take the order, grab the ingredients, serve the coffee... Well think again! Did you know you can order over 20,000 kinds of coffee in those big coffee franchises?

A large decaf vanilla non-fat dry americano? A small brew coffee with 2 shots of espresso? How about an extra-large half-decaf with sugar-free hazelnut, half-and-half milk and topped with chips?

This little game shows you the crazy world of coffee orders using cool animations, graphics, and sounds.

You can play for just a few minutes to make as many cups of coffee as you can, or challenge yourself by making as many cups as possible without any mistakes.

This little game is made for light entertainment in mind and love of coffee in heart. It's completely free and without any ads! Please however show your support by dropping me a comment or suggestion.

It's currently for Android only so I've only included a link to the Play Store so you can get it through the official channel. Thanks for getting this game and let's make some coffee!

The game is best played in a 9:16 or 10:16 screen, but will still work in a 2:3 screen.

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